The business case for diversity is a sinking ship (Medium)

“Diversity increases revenue, improves productivity, sparks creativity, and boosts innovation.” In my line of work, the business case for diversity is practically a mantra. As Diversity & Inclusion has gained mainstream acceptance, so too has this “business case” emerged as the centerpiece of many modern organizations’ D&I efforts. It figures prominently in keynote talks, diversity

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It’s Not Your Coworkers’ Job to Teach You About Social Issues (Harvard Business Review)

Picture this scenario: you’re part of a casual conversation in the office, and an employee brings up a recent news article she read that morning about a new law in a neighboring state. She expresses that she’s frustrated by the news, and that she wishes she didn’t have to start her day on that note.

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What to do with your implicit bias (Quartz at Work)

White/Innocent. Black/Criminal. Men/Clever. Women/Nurturing. If you’ve ever taken an implicit bias test or training, you’ll recognize pairs like these as examples of the unconscious associations our brains make about social categories. While social psychologists Mahzarin Banaji and Anthony Greenwald first came up with the concept (which they called implicit social cognition) in the 1990s, only in

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